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Having over 25 years of experience in the natural stone industry and a genuine passion to client satisfaction, we are confident that we can fulfill any commitment to the greatest degree. Here at Stone Doctor Australia, we do just that—transform the ordinary into the extraordinary—through our expert consultation services, our wide selection of premium products, and the quality service we provide to everyone. With years of experience and expertise, we know just what has to be done to restore, polish, seal, and clean natural stone to its former glory.

Explore the Future of Natural Stone

Several extensive market and research reports on the natural stone market predict that by 2030, the global natural stone industry would be worth $50+ billion. There is no end to the creative possibilities and environmentally friendly qualities that may be included into the design of structures made from natural stones like granite, sandstone, marble, travertine, onyx, and limestone.

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With an emphasis on experience and a dedication to excellence in all of our work, Stone Doctor Australia provides expert consultation for natural stone, along with maintenance and care products and restoration services. A reputable company that always delivers as promised: outstanding results, trustworthy assistance, and reasonable prices. We have everything you need, and just at call, we provide you with all!


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To make Stone Doctor Australia the go to company supporting the industry as a market leader leading in both quality products as well as technological advancements in regards to machinery, tooling, accessories and consumables used in the natural stone industry as well as all other allied industries. To provide our clientele with cost efficient solutions each time whilst producing professional outcomes. To take Stone Doctor Australia international with our 3 core business segments of professional service, premium product distribution and consulting.
To continuously work with all team members using their skill sets and strengths focusing in on business development, marketing, sales and providing excellent customer service. Passing on my industry knowledge to all team members current and future will certainly be among my personal goals to develop and to hone their technical skills. The industry is eager for knowledge and guidance which with this measure, team Stone Doctor Australia will take the lead.